End of Reading Questions

Does anyone know if the questions at the end of each reading are indicative of what we can expect on the exam as far as multiple choice versus essay questions? For example reading 12 only has multiple choice questions at the end and I’m curious if anyone has any knowledge of this indicating it would primarily fall in the PM section of the exam.

End of Reading (EOR) Questions are usually much easier than actual exam questions. Also, the format of EOR questions are usually multiple choice, whereas exam questions on the PM section of the exam are in the vignette style.

I agree with Bucket. The EOC questions are more likely to be multiple choice.

You can also find a breakdown of what questions historically have been morning essay questions. T

I was just basing this off of the second book as it seemed like a good chunk of the questions, if not half, were written. I can’t say what the other books are as I haven’t gotten to them yet. Any idea where can I find a breakdown of questions typically used for the essay questions, or is that just based off your own research?