End the Skip!

Yo Chad. Seriously, you gotta end the skip that occurs every time an AF page loads. I try to click on a topic and every time it skips my mouse to the Rules thread when a lame ad banner finally loads. This is Busch League, Busch League!

Also, end the FED.

(((F E E D B A C K F O R U M)))

Agreed. The banner ad loading a couple seconds after really sucks.

Also, someone should move this to the Feedback Forum.

yeah… that’s darn annoying man…

we have a feedback forum?..

I don’t observe any skip. Most likely, it’s your subconscious creating an illusion because you have been conditioned to click those ads. The time skip is a way that your conscious mind deals with the cognitive dissonance. It’s not surprising, given the Manchurian conditioning the Clinton-Pelosi illuminati has subliminally released into the media, which causes people to overlook the pedo necrophiliac conspiracy and accept Model 3 delivery delays.

TIL there are people out there who don’t use ad blockers.

Yeah, I have no idea what ya’ll be talkin about.


I’m looking into a solution for this. Thanks for letting me know.

the skip, or the Fed? or both!?!?! If anyone can do it, it’s you.

My company has approved something like two extensions for Chrome. This is not one of them. At home, yes, definitely. But I don’t AF from home very often so can’t compare.

This has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

many many tanks

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