Endless reservoir of knowledge

Let me know if anyone feels the same thing. I have been doing the main questions, then previous exams and Stalla PassMaster. I have done about 200 Stalla questions. Even when I think I know pretty much everything, I always find questions which either I forgot or I don’t remember seeing. I sometimes get the impression that the amount of knowledge to absorb is infinite and that you need a supercomputer for a brain to categorize and understand every contingency (some of the wording of the Stalla questions is rather murky at times). Even with the morning portions of previous exams I am sometimes left scratching my head asking “what is this?!?!!?”. Am I the only one or is anyone else experiencing this no matter how much they read?

Understanding > Retaining That is what I have to say.

IMO, the questions of prep providers aren’t always representative of the actual exam. I used the AnalystNotes question bank for Level I, and many questions were just not of the type you would expect on the exam.

I recall someone saying once that Stalla questions are more challenging than Schweser. Does anyone agree?