energy booster?

Green Tea was good for a while then I just got used too it. Coffee- If you DONT want to feel the crash, do not put any sugar in it, just milk/cream is fine. The crash is usually from the sugar, but cafeine only lasts a few hours anyways. Ive had MUCH success with B Vitamins, especially B6 and Omega 3 capsules.

One night in the university library, my friend bought two 500 mL monster energy drinks while were prepping for level 1. He didn’t want his so I ended up drinking both of them - one after the other. I don’t know how I was able to reason with myself to do that because I was fxcked up for the rest of the night and the better part of the following day. I couldn’t sleep at all let alone sit still. It felt like my heart was techno viking and it was engaged in an epic battle against the rest of my body. My heart was rave dancing and kicking my a$s at the same time. I think this is the way people feel when they take speed. I no longer consume energy drinks.

the devils dandruff

who doesnt crush a rail or two when they study for the cfa?

Only in Vancouver where such actions are normal :wink:

not in oz at $350/g…

Can’t ol’ Vern Schillinger or Ryan O’Reilly smuggle some into OZ for you at a better rate?

meth, if you dont mind ending up toothless in a trailer park.