Energy Market Analyst

Does anyone know much about Energy Market Analyst careers? I’ve been focusing towards finding a position as and Equity or FI Analyst with the goal of eventually being a Portfolio Manager, but an Energy Market Analyst position that sounds interesting just became available in my area. It says the Energy Market Analyst is responsible for researching and analyzing physical and financial energy markets and disseminating information to clients and employees. This position is also responsible for writing, editing, producing, and distributing reports, publications, and presentations. The company “is an energy consulting and management company working with its clients’ energy procurement and facilities’ engineering personnel to source the most economic and reliable energy supplies available,” and their clients include “leading automotive, building materials, chemical, food processing, aluminum and steel, municipal and institutional consumers.” Any ideas or advice on this?

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phy and fin? thats pretty sweet

Sounds like CERA, PIRA or the like.