Energy Shots: Anyone else officially addicted?

I blame studying for the CFA Exam! I started using them to study a bit during Dec '08 for lvl 1, but wow I am finding myself doing about 5 a week now. I would NEVER consider taking one before the exam or even during “real” practice exams(non qbank), but they keep me studying… Could thing I bought 96 for a buck a piece at teh dollar store:)

Oh reason to not take during a real exam is the frazzle brain effect. Could just be me, but I don’t critically think as well while taking them.

You want to take the test in the same mental state as were when you studied. That’s why my friend in law school drinks a couple glasses of wine before midterms, and why BipolarBoston is gonna pound the adderols. As for me, I should probably just make sure to be pissed and grumpy on test day and I should be fine.