Energy Trader

Does anybody here have any idea what the comp is for a nat gas/power trader? The position is in Western Canada and is with a large private utility. Thanks for your input!

What city?


What’s the company EPCOR, ATCO, TransAlta? I would say the compensation is at least $80k but probably more

TransAlta, You in Calgary cezary?

I’m in Edmonton with EPCOR, so I kind of know the competition. EPCOR has a position too for a East Real-time Trader. If you want some more information about utilities in Alberta drop me an e-mail cezaryn at mail dot com

80k is way to high…this may be a real time role which would be less… maybe for day after but not real time

mind if I email you as well cezary? I am at an ibank energy trading group in houston

Go ahead you can email me. I’ll try to answer any question you might have. But the market here in Alberta is really hot, and the turnover is great. But I’m only speculating based what I see other people are getting in the industry here.

Cezary, Mind if I email you too? I would like to ask a few questions.

get ready to work night shifts if you take it… i think starting pay would be more like 60, but thats a guess…

night shifts ok, 60K not ok.