Engagement Rings - Diamonds?

So I am at the early stages of considering this. I just want to gauge peoples thoughts on wether an engagement ring has to be diamonds? I’m not interested in talking cost etc. lets talk stones!

My HCB loves classic stuff, and i have been considering some sort of ruby/diamond cluster? Am I way off the mark here? I am sure she would like it, but not sure if it is appropriate for an engagement ring as i have been brainwashed by DeBeers diamonds diamonds.

why don’t you put the feelers out with her next time you guys pass a jewelry store together? See what her thoughts are. Before my wife and I got married we actually went into stores “just for fun”. It was pretty clear my wife wanted a big rock and I think she would have been kinda pissed if I’d gone with anything else.


Find bchad’s thread on diamonds are bullsht.

Tell her that you donated 100k to a charity in her name and lie about it.

Yeah, I would recommend feeling the water before deciding on a ring. Some women get really worked up about this because it is a “once in a lifetime thing”. If you decide on a non-diamond ring, make sure your fiance is ok with a non-traditional stone. If you have no idea, go with normal diamond ring, as this will be acceptable to most women.

It is true that DeBeers has somehow brainwashed society. However, it doesn’t matter what you think if your wife has drunk the KoolAid. If someone holds a gun to your ball sack, you can’t pretend it’s not there.