English as a second language

The way some questions are worded are hard to tackle for candidates with English as second language.

I guess the CFA would have to to raise the bar a bit if all candidates would speak/read and write English fluently.

All good for us Native English speakers. I would like to see the average pass rates for L3 by Country. I think US/UK is probably more 60% pass rate, due to the English barrier.

BH/Ethics and Gips even IPS all heavily based around good comprehension of English. I believe this is a huge swing factor.

The written part as well. May be difficult to speak the CFA ‘language’ if you’re not a native speaker.

Try having English as your third language… I don’t believe I’ve had any comprehension problems during the actual exams, but there were definitely some moments (very minimal) when doing mocks or EOC I’ve had difficulty understanding what the question was really asking.

And don’t get me started on third party providers who love the double negatives in their questions: “Which statement is least likely to not get the employee in trouble for not wanting to not violate The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct?”

I know some people that took the exams way back when you could do it in your own language.

To be honest, as long as they don’t care about my english grammar, I don’t feel it makes much a difference for me. If pass rate in my region are lower because of the language, that’s good for me.