Now that we’re done with Level 1…do you guys remember the way in which questions were asked in the exam? Double and even triple negatives EVERYWHERE!!! if not in the friggen questions then they used them in the friggen answers!!! Just reminiscing about good times…:slight_smile:

lucky for you, you don’t have to be nostalgic. welcome to level 2.

I was really pissed about the double/triple negative usage in Level 1. I remember thinking when going through the exam ‘what am I here for - answering CFA questions or intrepreting the questions themselves?’. An absolute waste of valuable time, with no pertinence as to how well I do on the exam itself.

so they carry on with this BS in Level 2 then? what a way to test candidates knowledge!!! but i guess if you look at it…a lot of the level 1 material isn’t that challenging…so screwing us royally with confusing english is their only way to bring down pass rates…

mdecav, Sha_CFA, I don’t like CFAI’s sentence structures or layout any more than you, but I do at least appreciate their objective. Don’t forget that an important skill analysts must possess is the ability to cull and interpret important information from large volumes of convoluted nonsense. I don’t know whether you’ve ever read anything written by an attorney (e.g. an SEC filing), but I’ve found their writing to be verbose and abstruse. To echo was dieselbp67 said, the vignette-format of Level II provides CFAI with 1 - 1.5 pages of canvas to f- with your head, on top of the questions pertaining to each vignette, of course. Welcome to the party.

Some candidates decided not to run the test again because the results from previous tests showed they were hardly doable. There is hardly no worse challenge than the one concerning not failing the CFA Level II test.

wawa>>> LOL! you just teleported me back to june 2!