Enigmatic ethics

So I got 72% on the PM CFAI mock, 83% ex-ethics. What is it guys? Re-read and memorize to the single comma, which is virtually impossible, do q after q? Basically it’s close to the point where I could be offered an open book option on exam day for ethics, and still not get this right. I’m thinking maybe it’s better to reinforce and broaden formula retention and to pick up easier chug-and-plug points, than wasting more time on ethics. Then again ethics is there and not going away, while some of the more obscure equations may or may not show up. What’s your call?

Can’t really advise on ethics either way, but congrats on a 72 with-or-without ethics. I haven’t taken the PM version yet, but I know it’s going to be tough

Truth is every single topic requires time to master. I tried to skip Ethics (because I was good at it at L1) and Econ (because two years ago I had extensive course on endogenous growth theory) and of course my scores on these topics were lower. I’m pretty sure you haven’t spent so much time for Ethics in L2 as for Derivatives or Quant for example. Ethics is not so hard, just need time (and lots of Qs). If I had time I would go for all Ethics Qs I can find (even those from L1). Given the time constrains and the high possibility of trick Ethics questions on the exam I’ve decided to allocate my remaining days to other topic and to spend max 1 hour per day just to reread the Standards. Choose your strategy and hold on it.

A 72% in the CFAI exam?! Chillax man - you will be fine.

Do some Q Bank questions, have a cigar and you’ll be ready to go.