Enlighten me pls!

Some guys out there have said that they have scored 70+ on Schweser Practice etc. I have the Practice booklets- I and II. How do I check how much I scored? As far as I know, I need to tick the answers I know while taking the test and check the answers in the end and do a ‘manual’ calculation for my score. Isn’t it? Are you guys talking about some other version ?

yes. Schweser has the AM/PM exams online, I’m not sure if they’re the same or different from the book exams. The practice exam option is on the left hand menu under “Online tools”, not within the Qbank menu where you see exam review and test management, etc. You’ll see Practice Exams vol. 1 & 2. groovy?

The online option allows you to fill in the bubbles for the answers online and then compare your results to other candidates’ averages and see your performance breakdown by topic/SS. You still need to books to take the practice tests.

aha! didn’t realize that. Thank-you.

great-thanks a lot-was not aware of that!

I dont seem to be having ‘Online access’ on the Schweser site. Why is it so? Is it that I can either choose to have the hard copies of the practice exams(which I have) or choose the online version but not both? I am getting this message when I click on Online Access Home: You do not currently have access to any Kaplan Schweser products. If you have previously purchased a Kaplan Schweser product, your product may have expired. Please contact our customer service department at (608) 779-5599 or (888) 325-5072 if you feel you have reached this message in error.

Sounds like a technical problem. Have you logged into the site before? Maybe contact Schweser about it