Enough is enough

I did all 384 CFAI online practice questions, studied them, and hooray… there are now another 72 questions being added (18 of which are derivatives).

So far I’ve done 4 practice exams - 3 Schweser and 1 Wiley (btw it’s funny that one of the Wiley online exams is same as its 2017 version provided by my local CFA society, they probably do this every year). Irritated by the low quality of third party providers, I don’t think I’m going to finish the remaining 3 Schweser exams.

Good luck to everyone.

what 72 questions… i dont see any new questions.

They added:

Quantitative: 6

FRA: 6

Corporate Finance: 6

Equity Valuation: 6

Fixed Income: 12

Derivatives: 18

Alternative Investments: 6

Portfolio M: 12

Total: 72

The Schweser 1st book of mock exams is a treasury hunt, with long questions (some questions have almost 4 full pages!) so I recommend doing only if you have time to spare (like I do). The 2nd book of mock exams I fell it`s a better example of what the real exam will be, with more straightforward questions.

Why are they constantly changing the number of questions when we only have approx. 1 month left.

Such irritation…

Nice. I had to refresh my page to see the questions. i will have to whip this out tomorrow.

More practice. Thats good.

wow sweet. i must have missed the announcement. moar to practice!

Regarding the CFA exams, I went from an advanced rating to proficient