Enough of this quitting BS

Please excuse me if I end up offending anyone but I guess the reason why people are still visiting AF with <100 hrs to go is in hopes of finding something new whcih they hadn’t studied before or to clarify some doubts.

If you wanna quit, quit - just know that you signed up for it in the first place, so if you wanna quit, quit. Please don’t make it hard for the rest of us by flooding the forum with “I wanna quit”, “I’m done”, “my life is so miserable” type threads. Please. You’re not the only one - everyone’s got issues.

PS: If you’re one of those whose unsure whether you want to just let go and quit now or continue, give yourself 100 pushups before you quit. If after those 100 pushups you feel like quitting, then quit. Whatever you do, for the love of anything you deem holy, please don’t start another thread trying to justify an unjustifiable argument.


I am going with Shoot,

Quitting is like a drug, it’s there, its easy and it feels good… for a moment, then, back where you were before.

So give yourself a chance and try it, nobody will hurt you. And if you F* up, you F*ed up… thats it. If by chance you end up having it (not the best way to achieve something…) you awarded yourself something, and, a CFA level, it’s for life.

So to pick up the trend on Shoot and aim higher I propose we share some skillfull diligent techniques with examples, on how to get the right answer avoiding calculus or other painfull process.

Like picking up the right swap equivalent rate, on the fly, judging by the weights of the term curve.

Have a good one,

And I just red the “Sadly giving up” post…

This is not the place to neither search or find help.

Losing your job is a big matter and should involve your boss, everybody can encounter specific extreme situations difficult to deal with.

Having a heart attack during an exam is a stupid way of dying. Remember, it’s just an exam.

This said, anybody with some smarty techniques on usual questions?

Would Schwarznegger give up - I think not… “Get to the chopper” mother fkrs…

As miserable as it is getting the fail email, eventually getting the pass email will feel amazing knowing you’ve defeated the beast. I’m on my second go at level 2 and I think if I failed this time I would still keep going because I’ve put in too much time at this point to not defeat this test

in my late teens/early twenties I did endurance races & people used to regularly die. throughout my banking career ambulances are a common occurrence at the front door. someone even bought a gun to work once & blew their head off

life goes on, & if the guy next to me in the hall has a cardiac I’m gonna continue writing…

^ if the person next to you has a heart attack, you might have to keep writing.

I once wrote an exam while a person a row over had a grand mal seizure. A couple of people got up to help the lady, the rest of us were in shock, the proctors were screaming at us to continue witht the exam.

They only cleared the room because the medics couldn’t get their equipment in through the aisles. After a 30 minute break, we were back to writing essays for another 3 hours. My hand was shaking so badly, I could hardly read my writing. I passed, but maybe they passed everyone.

I’ve seen a guy faint on my floor - he accidentally forgot to exercise some options (lost about 120k sterling in divs) - literally, he just collapsed. I’ve never seen a trading floor as calm as it was after, albeitjust only for a few secs.

Obviously he was let go later on medical grounds

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will EARN MY CFA, in this life or the next.

I shall see the eyes of Satan in that exam. I will look straight into these eyes and check my answers. I AM GOING IN.