Enough time for FSA on up?

Hi guys. Okay- just finished Ethics/Quant/Econ. But hitting a bit of the wall as I only have 4 days of the week to study (with being a good husband of most importance :). Do you think there is enough time to plow through? I’ve tried to throw in the towel two times already, wanting to postpone till next year, but I just keep coming back for more! Think I have to abandon the Schweser calendar and go through the material myself. Anyone have any thoughts, advice, or in a similar situation? I was thinking of just reading through the material for general understanding, and doing questions during the day. Thanks!!!

I would say read and get a basic understanding of the material, and then do A LOT of practice questions. I am a little further along in the material, but I am starting to burn out too. For the last 2 days, even thinking about the CFA makes me want to go drinking…

I agree with Bodymore. I only read thru one set of study notes and then start doing practice questions. I got 58% on my first practice exam. Then 65% in the 2nd. I just finished my third at 73%. I think I have a good chance to pass it in Dec if I can keep it up.

Thanks Bodymore. Burnout is tough to fight, but only two months to go — Awesome ymc! Congratulations. That is very encouraging! When you read through the Notes, did you take notes or do the concept checkers, or just read through them then started the practice exams???

ymc… even if you are lying, keep it up. you are inspiring people with those improvement rates.

I do the concept checkers too. I took the exams like once a week. In between I tried to understand all the questions I did wrong. I also re-read the sections I am weak in.