enough time to study for September exam? Please help

I just took CFA L1 in June and waiting for the results. Assume that I’ll receive the books at the beginning of July, will I have enough time to go thru the materials ? (I plan to read the CAIA textbook) Another question is, which Q-Banks/practice exams prepares you better for the exam … Schweser or Uppermark ? Thanks a lot

should I?

alright these questions are all relative, I work at a hedge fund and passed all three levels of the CFA, is two months enough time vs I just graduated and have no experience is two month enough time. Its all about how much time you put into it. If you can spend 2-3 hours a day plus weekends yes, you have plenty of time. It also depends on your background. Take a practice exam, see what you score, 40% or less and you most likely don’t have enough time but 50% and above and I am confident you can pass. Full disclosure, I do plan on starting in August. However I do have alternative experience from the CFA.

I put in about eight weeks for L1 and concentrated on just doing question after question. I agree that 2-3 hours a day (about 20/week) was enough immersion. Probably could have gotten by on six weeks but I didn’t have any real concept about how hard the actual test would be. I used Uppermark for L1 and Schweser for L2.