enough time?

Are there enough time to finish all the problems on the test? I calculated, given only 3 hours for 1 session, we have only 1.5 min to solve 1 problem. I tested myself with the practice test, and it takes like 3-4 min to tackle a complicated problem. i can’t see how i can finish all the questions on the test only with the amount of time given to me. Any thot on how i can improve this?

The practice test problems are a bit longer, because they often incorporate a few more concepts in each problem and are more in detail than the actual exam…however, the same degree of difficulty is there on the actual test. When I passed it in June, I took the full time both sessions, with around 10-15 minutes leftover to check answers I had circled in the test book. The time flies when you take it, but your head hurts afterward. Good Luck