Enron Case

I have been trying to read the Enron case from the “Financial Accounting Quality” reading. I’m not sure if I understood everything in the footnotes and disclosure. For example- Their dealing with “The Related Parties” was kind of confusing. Did anybody else face the same problem?

I would like to read it. Not fair.

Joey, please take the test in my place… On a serious note, I think this reading provides the best information available out there. I tried Googling it, and there wasn’t even half of the info. that has been provided by CFAI in the Reading.

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Did anyone see the film “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” (2005) ?

Yup ^^ Even saw the other documentary!

I just watched the film last week. Now I know that it was Enron and those evil Bushes who caused CA’s blackouts and deprived us of the opportunity of having that great, competent statesman Grey Davis as our president. Also, capitalism is evil.

Hey there was another documentary called the crooked E based on enron. Preety good one for that matter.

If you liked the movie, read the book “Conspiracy of Fools”. The author, Kurt Eichenwald, was an investigative reporter for The New York Times. He put together one great account of all that went on. I highly recommend it. I was just on imdb dot com and it appears they are making a movie based off the book.