Enter exam hall with Twenty HB pencil

My Rotring Pencil breaks easily. As an alternative I’m considering going into exam with twenty already sharpened HB pencil. I hope it is allowed.

It is, I brought almost that many. But remember, for Level 3 you are allowed to use pens, especially for the AM. I’d be using erasable pens

I’ll get the erasable pen then. Just watched a video on it.

I’ll take whiteout with me cool

As long as you have a CCP permit.

Don’t waste the time.

If you want the grader to disregard something, draw a line through it. You don’t have time to paint a masterpiece.

You’re safer to bring in 30 pencils. The average Rotring pencil breaks down every 15 minutes.

… or just bring a BIC mechanical pencil?

I took a collection of pens and pencils and 2 calculators. Totally unnecessary, but better that than stressing about stationary.

I saw a couple of comments about erasable pen. Please note that there have been comments on the forum about the ink breaking down in heat and disappearing.

also do not waste the time as S2000 points above (you are not painting a masterpiece) - strike through what you don’t want, (one line) and proceed to write again.

In my experience, using erasable pen actually takes more time. So just use normal pen and cross out whatever you dont want the grader to grade. You dont have time to paint something nicely here

Thanks for the tips guys. No erasable pens.

+1. Also CFAI gives enough space with umpteen plain white sheets available. So better make use of them than the erasable pen :slight_smile:

Talking about paper and pens. I used to take notes on all white blank paper but to get ready for L3 now, I have started writing on lined paper to get used to writing on lines (staying in them) and having lines everywhere where I don’t like it. People might want to practice with lined paper and the pen you will use now. I remember bc I wasn’t used to the lines, my paper was messy and going everywhere like my normal notes; that didn’t help I am sure.

Especially if you write across the line, the grader might think you have crossed your answer… lol…

LOL, you’re right! Trying to write neat enough so someone could acutally read it was hard enough; accidentally crossing one’s answers out with their darn lines would be a historic fail…lol Better take two color pens to not match their darn lines. Hate those lines, they’re too wide!

the papers from 2013 and 2014 - are laid out as the original AM paper in the real exam. So you have the actual page #s and the lined / ruled sheets in between where you write your answer.

If you are in the US - buy the College Ruled (or) wide ruled sheets from stores - and use them to get used to writing, but definitely do practice writing.