Entered the CFA Institute ID wrongly in the Answer Sheet. Am i Srewed?

The answer sheet for the CFA Exam had a section for “CFA Institute Id”.

I entered my ID in the Boxes correctly. but while shading the ovals, i shaded one of the number in the CFA Institute ID wrongly. Instead of “1”, i shaded “0”. :frowning:

I found that i did this mistake only when the proctor took away the answer sheet at the end of the session. After that they wouldnt give back the sheet. :open_mouth:

Im 100 % sure that while scanning my answer sheet, the machine will show an error, as the ID will not match the records. Will this VOID my whole attempt? And result in the answer sheet getting rejected and thrown away in the dustbin?

fml :frowning:

I’m sure they will double check if the machine shows up an error for the CFA member ID in which to tag the scores to.

I think one reason why they collect the entry ticket as well is to ensure that there are no discrepencies. Furthermore, the answer sheet requires your name to be written down as well. If your attendence was marked and yet no scores were tallied up, they’d double check.

no you should be fine, CFAI has the proctors double check this and they will likely catch and fix it

Thanks Itera and faptor. now I can sleep properly. (still kinda worried a tiny wee though)