Entering the exam with unauthorized items


I never thought that this could happen to me, as through all the exams I have been very careful about what I take into the exam room, but here is my little story.

Afraid that my wristwatch might not work properly (as it started failing two days before the exam and I didn’t have the time or energy to get it fixed), and not knowing if there was going to be a timer visible in the exam room, I decided to take my Fitbit with me.

The model I have has basically three functions, a digital watch, a stopwatch and a pace counter. Before going to the exam I was sure I had read that no smartwatches were allowed, same message on the posters outside, so I thought I was correct, as I didn’t think of this tracker as a smartwatch (quite silly, I know).

As we got the exam booklet and the proctor was reading the rules (before the exams had been opened or the time had started) I read on the front page rules that fitness trackers were mentioned as one of the forbiden items. I immediately raised my hand and gave my device to the proctor before the exam started.

I was actually shaking and paranoid for the first 20 minutes thinking that I was going to be suspended.

After the morning session was done I went to talk to the proctor about the fact that I though my device did not qualify as a smartwatch because there is basically no screen, mic, camera, or anything really, and he said it was all ok because I had submitted it before the exam started in any case.

As I picked the fitbit up from the storage room I noticed at least 4 other fitness trackers that had been surrendered in the same conditions, I assume, and I have kept myself at ease by thinking I wasn’t the only one.

Would this be a problem? What is the attitude towards the surrender of forbidden items to a proctor before exam begins?

believe your proctor… you handed over before the exam started and you did that by reading exam instructions which specifically instructs to hand over such materials if in posession… if u had not handed over then it would have been a problem…no harm

I agree. No ethics violation here.

Yup also agree…nothing to worry about here.

If it’s any consolation, I went into the exam with a switched-off smartphone in my pocket and only bailed out in the last minute. Did it two years in a row.

youre fine, no violation

Proctors specifically requested for fitbits, before the exam started. No violation.