Entertainment industry analysis

I have an assignment to evaluate a unlisted movie publishing company as well as a moive project, but i don’t know where to start. All I can think of are the basic value drivers and the use of comparative valuation method. Can any expert enlight? Cheers.

if its porn sublimity and nuppal may help.

if you’re going to start with the industry overall, this report from the LAEDC might help. it’s focused on Los Angeles, but has some broad industry info also. http://laedc.org/reports/Entertainment-2010.pdf …also references some good entertainment industry resources.

Thanks, jbaldyga!

watleeds and others… I am helping some friends with financial analysis (returns etc) associated with a movie production. Does anyone have any advice, hints? Fundamentally it should be the same as any other project but looking for some industry specific info (assumptions on distribution rights, royalties etc) Thanks.