Entrepreneurship - AF Brainstorming Startup Ideas

Anyone have anything? I feel like the combined knowledge and skill of this forum is going to waste. Can’t we all collaborate on a project and split up the equity? Idea generator getting biggest chunk, rest split up the equity per later agreement.

Also, idea generator would probably get to pick the team. Thoughts?

I’m in.

Last night I came up with the idea of “Tinder for contractors/plumbers.” For housewives that need a plumber who comes when he says he will.

A fish farm where the fish are fed with omega-3 containing algae. It’s more efficient than salmon farming, and plus with omega-3 feed it will improve nutritional quality.

Ideally the fish should be herbivorous which would make it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

you’re nasty

Sure I’m in.

Trademark “Top 2 or Hacksaw” and start putting on t-shirts with logo.

Chad would get a stake as well as he is technically the host.

This sounds a bit niche and capital intensive, but something Whole Foods might jump at …

Escort agency

Tinder but with a rating/review system for people you have met. Only allowed to rate people that are verified meet ups, kind of like reviews for products that are from confirmed purchasers.

^ Always Sunny?

What about Uber of Tinders?

Was that an Always sunny episode? Apologies didnt see that one

Haha yea. Dennis of course only cares about being rated 5 stars and turns into a psycho when he gets a few bad ratings.

That’s so meta…

This followed a discussion where I repeated the old joke that “The problem with pornography on the internet is that it creates grossly unrealistic expectations of how quickly a repairman will arrive after calling him.”

The answer, of course, is “Make a Tinder App for that!” You could have plumbers showing their services. Swipe right if you want them to come over. Chat, set a time, and you’re good to go.

The tag line could be “When you need your pipes cleaned, and need it now.”

Just to be sure I’m not accidentally stealing anyone’s ideas, why don’t you all PM me your ideas and I’ll only post my own original content here?

Awesome business model, STL. Leveraging distributed human capital to identify value-added synergies and sell it back to the progenitorators. Gimme suma dat!!

He’s a real innovator