Entry level Ferrari


will anyone be adding this to their collection?

looks good

how many cup holders has it got?

just one, in between ya girl’s legs

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People who buy Ferraris want dedicated sports cars, not those that are balanced between performance and comfort. So, to me, it would have made more sense to have the low level Ferrari just be a smaller, less powerful clone of the 458. The car they actually made still looks nice, but it does dilute Ferrari’s image a bit - this was one of the criticisms of the California, in addition to its style.

Yeah, I mean I’d pick a Lamborghini over a Ferrari anyway

I’m not a car guy, but based on GT5, I thought Ferrari’s have better on track performance?

They might. I’ve liked the lines on Lambos since I first saw the Countach. They have impressed me ever since.

Don’t care for Ferrari’s arrogance… maybe way later on. If all goes well in the mid term, huracan is my choice.

I think they are known for their style - and they are undeniably stylish. But if I were to spend stupid money, I’d make sure my car could outperform anything on the street. It wouldn’t be for rolling up to the casino or the club and showin’ off my wingspan. I ain’t aboot dat life no mo, ho.

I hate expensive cars. I know I’ll mever own them. Sad :frowning: