Entry Level in Finance?

What is the best entry level job to go after in finance? I am in computer/tech sales now, but have a degree in Bus/Fin. I know I need to start at the bottom, but what job type would you suggest? Anyone else switch careers in their early 30’s into finance? I could work in Greenwich, CT or NYC. Thanks

Well, the best entry level job would be a (IB or S&T) analyst program at a BB.

if you’re 30 and have substantial industry experience combined with relevant education, it wouldnt’ be a stretch for you to interview in equity research (associate positions) within your current sector.

I am looking to get into asset management, I have passed the first 2 levels of the CFA exam, so that helps me get a leg above my entry-level competitors. I’d definitely recommend you at least pass the CFA Level 1, or you will get NO attention from employers.