Entry level job in Dubai/UAE after passing CFA L2

Can anyone guide me if companies(banks,Investment management etc) in Dubai or UAE hire people without prior experience if they’ve cleared Level 2? What salaries can be expected for a entry level job?

If you’re going that route, I think there might be more demand for US-based people with Saudi Aramco, one country over.

Saudi Aramco. Good luck. They looking for PhDs minimum 7 to 10 yrs experience

First of all, they won’t hire you with zero experience. You’ll need to show that you have experience working in a Western office. Jobs are typically offered through existing contacts (i.e. cold applying won’t help much). Exceptions are if you are approached by a recruiter through linkedin or some other source. As for compensation: If you’re brown/Phillipino, you’ll get paid around 10k-15k Riyals/month (tax-free) for entry-level analyst type roles.

If you’re middle-eastern and speak Arabic, expect faster promotions. Spend a lot of time following the client around during prayers and other breaks.

If you’re white, you’ll get paid 40-50% more. They’ll also respect your opinion more. If you’re a white male, there’s a 10% bonus on top of that. I’m not even joking. I worked in the middle east for two years for a big consulting firm. On the positive side, you don’t pay taxes. There’s very little crime (the police rules with an iron fist). There’s plenty of night life and “fun stuff”. Working schedule is 48 hours/week, but you get around 2 months of vacation and sick days, and people work half days for the entire month of ramadan.

Brown/ phillipinos 15k riyals?? Incorrect. Riyals is Saudi first of all. Dubai runs Dirhams. Even then, entry level with a brown passport will get u entry level of 4k to 7k riyals a month. Which is utter garbage.

With connections only can u get 15ish k a mth.

Apparently networking and who u know is king. I knew an engineering graduate from UK who wrote L1 and got hired as a Relationship Manager in HSBC Commercial Banking because he knew someone working in Dubai. 18ish or 20ish k a mth. Still living the life because… its Dubai

Why don’t you work on your English skills?


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haha damn racist sauds. but it make sense to pay philipinoes very little. in their country, the average person makes 4k/usd per year. so they are coming up 5x what they would have made.