Entry-level middle-market equity research salaries?

Just curious, what you all think an entry-level salary range is for a sell-side equity research position, probably 2-3 year training program, at companies like Robert Baird, Friedman Billings Ramsey, KeyBanc, Stifel Nicolas, Piper Jaffray, etc… not in NYC or highly expensive cities like that. These positions call for 0-3 years out of undergrad. Pre-MBA and pre-CFA completion. Thanks!

Between $40K-60K base salary, with bonus potential in the 10-50% range. I used to work at one of the above, however that was before large-scale changes occured within the company, and they paid much lower than the low end I listed above. They now pay in the range I listed. Anyone else have any better color on this? I am always curious what other companies pay.

hey mcthorp, i left you a reply at WSO last week - check your pvt msgs

I work at one of the companies above, entry level was $55K base with 25% bonus…

FBR actually pays pretty well. The average associate there gets paid 80-90k base plus about 30K-40K bonus for nyc. Piper’s pay is pretty sh%%ty i heard especially the associates based in minny. Not sure about the others.