EOC.. going over every single Q?

I was just wondering if you guys are going over every single EOC Qs?

i went over them when i read thru the materail, i skipped GIPS, swaps, and ethics so will do those when i read the material.

Yes, I am during all EOC’s in the last week, ethics and gips will be last


Yes, they just hog awal all the time. Though they might be just or 5 EOC’s but each might have some parts each and might take more than hour to get done with those 4-5 questions!

How much time are you guys allocating for this? I am planning on 4 full 8-10 hr days. Do you think this will be enough? I have already gone through them once(I just think out the essay questions I am confident in) and then the BBs once more.

really depends.

I’ve technically gone through them twice already, 1st time with the initial readings (long ago) and the 2nd time was spread out over a month.

This last run through, I’m shooting for 6 days, but that includes review of topics where I am weak, as I go through the EOC.

I would say, it takes 6 days (easily) to do all the EOCs!

K thanks. I may need some 12 hr days then I suppose

I wouldn’t bother. Some of the EOC’s are too long and wordy to bother going through. I probably went through 60% of them and just read over the remaining 40% without doing the actual question.

But, I did do every past and mock exam I could find at least three times. I think I had a group of about 15 exams and did them all three times - more worthwhile than some of the over-long EOC’s.

I found mocks to be a better use of time, eoc format can be very different that exam format, even eoc difficulty can be more than we see in the CFA mocks

Will see if this pays off…

I can take 6 mocks in the time it takes to do eoc, would feel better walking into exam with 6 mocks, so i did not even look at eoc !

I am going to review every EOC from now until next friday. i’ll only attempt the calculation based questions and take notes on the qualitative stuff. hopefully I can do this and get in 2 more mocks.

I think that’s ultra risky not even looking at the EOC. Even Schweser frequently instructs all its students to make sure they do all the problems in the CFAI text.

I am going to do a mix. All blue boxes, certain key EOC’s I highlighted the first time through and some of the mock questions again. I feel like in some of the EOCs they ask really similar questions 3 times in a row. I already went through and highlighted the tricky one so I will just do that one. There is no point doing a nearly identical question 3 times at this point if I am already confident in my ability to answer it correctly. I think the most important point is to save at least 1 day to re-do or at least look at the questions you answered wrong on old mocks/schweser mocks and 1 day to do a broad overview to tie all of the information together in your mind again… at least for me.

sure is risky… but having not even done some readings yet, and surly I need to see a few mocks, I am going to opt out of the EOC…

At the end of the day a candidate who prepared poorly can pass and someone who studied their butt off can fail. You can know 90% by heart, but the exam ends up being centered around the 10% you dont know. Someone else might know nothing but that 10%…

Lostcfa - if you have worked your way up with mocks, request you to share few

mocks with me. Really appreciate your help. Email k4kapil@yahoo.com

There’s no guarantees on pass/fail I agree. But your last paragraph sounds like you’re trying to justify to yourself you can pass with little preparation.

Someone can buy 10,000 buying lottery tickets and fail. And someone can buy 1 ticket and win.

No not pass with no preparation man, just telling myself not to give up and not quit just because some other people are better prepared…

So yeh I am going to work hard, and with some luck I might pass. I know about 70% by heart, and clueless and the 30% so far…

Yes, 1 by 1 :slight_smile:

Well, according to the unwritten rule, a 70% will get you a pass.