EOC Qs Fixed Income Driving me Crazy

What is with the subjective question style for the EOC questions for fixed income? “Please explain, Comment… Etc.”

I hate fixed income EOC such bs

lol just finished reviewing the EOC’s for fixed income. took me a long time, because there are like 40 odd questions for each chapter. idk, i feel more than anything its given me a pretty decent grasp of the concepts, in any case there isn’t too much quantitative stuff they can ask from FI other than binomial models.

I dont like how the questions are all open ended in FI. I would prefer the multiple choice format myself

The open ended questions are not good for learning but does anyone have any idea on how to tackle these questions? I’ve been jotting down a few answers and then reading the solutions to see how “close” I am.

helps you prepare for level III?