EOC Question Indicators

I didn’t do EOC question on my first run. I’m now doing 2nd pass of material and basing my review on the EOC questions.

If the EOC questions don’t included ANY questions on certain LOSs, is it an educated gamble to just skip memorizing these sections.

For example, I was just reviewing Econ, and one of the LOSs discusses all the different Macro economic theories (i.e. Austrian, Kensian, blah, blah, don’t even know the names). But then the EOC questions don’t have a single question asking to name the theories (i.e. if you think that goverment intervention is the route of all evil, then you are most likely this sort of theorist).

With all the material there is to learn, I’m leaning towards skipping stuff that isn’t even mentioned in the EOCs. Is this crazy thinking on my part?

from what i hear and what i read, that may be unwise. CFAI can only include so many questions at the end of each reading, but, from what i understand, they dont hesitate to ask questions on any of the three levels about details (even those not included in EOC questions). the CBOK is what the test writers use to create questions, not just what’s used in the EOC questions…

…but this is my first go at Level 1, so there’s a chance i’m wrong…

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. While you may be right in most cases, it is not a sure thing. With that said, you can be sure that if the LOS says “describe X” and doesn’t say that you need to be able to “calculate X”, then there will definitely NOT be a question on the exam where you will be asked to calculate X and any formulas presented in the text are merely there to improve your understanding of the concept.

in the begining of the volume 1 of the curriculm, it is clearly written under ‘how to use CFA program curriculm’


“every question on the cfa examination is bsed on specific page in the required readings and on one or more LOS. frequently, an examination question is also tied to a specific example highlighted within a reding or to a specific end of reading question and/or problem and its solution”


well i feel that makes every EOC question worth doing …

hope it help…