EOC questions compared to Elan's question bank

Hello all, I am having this thought for last week or so in my mind and i thought let me get some views from the forum members. I am currently doing Quantitative volume and my routine is going through Elan notes and EOC summaries and then doing the EOC questions followed by respective reading’s questions from the Elan’s questions bank. What I have realized for last few readings, Reading 8,9, 10. The EOC questions in the CFAI books seem to be too comprehensive and I am not sure how they would fit in multiple choice format, some of the problems especially finding expected values and variances in reading 8 and 9 take forever to solve. Some of the questions are more like answer this, and define this and if I compare this to Elan’s questions - the questions in Elan’s question bank seem a lot straightforward and easily doable. What kind of questions can we expect in the exam? does anyone else find the difference the same way or is it just me. These 3 readings are my hardest (reading 9,10 and 11). Thank you all in advance.

I would also like to know what kind of qs we are likely to see in the exam and how they compare to what the original poster has described.