EOC-questions cover material completely ??

Hello everyone!

I have a question for those who have already written an L2-Exam:

Do you think that the EOC-chapters completely cover and test the material for each reading? I feel for some readings (like No 42 about Commodities), which has only seven questions, the EOC chapters don’t “test” the candidate enough on the material. Hence, there is the risk of answering all the EOC-questions right by chance or by understanding only the parts that were tested in the EOC-chapters but not the whole material of each reading.

I feel L1 had more EOC-questions per reading, hence the questions covered more material from the reading. When you could answer them correctly (and knew why the answer was correct & the other suggestions were incorrect) you could feel confident about mastering the material and prepared for the exam.

I was always under the impression that if the candidate is able to answer the EOC-questionsm he should be good for the exam. I don’t have this feeling with L2. I just find the EOC-chapters “too easy” as of right now.

What was your experience? Did you use a lot of service provider material for L2? Is simply “knowing everything and being able to answer the EOC-question” enough to pass the exam?

Thanks for your help and advice!

You should check out the Topic Tests in the Candidates Resources section. They are quite intense and they span pretty much the whole curriculum.

My sense is, any chance CFAI has to make L2 more difficult (to separate deep learning from surface learning), they will use it.

If Topics Tests are a good proxy, no set of EOCs are sufficient.

Just do all the topic tests and understand the answers. That should be enough to pass. My goal anyways.

Thanks for the help!

I haven’t looked at the mock exams yet. This made me very nervous last year, so I’ll wait another week or two. I also got the KS books from a friend from last year and use the questions there as well. I think understanding all the EOC-questsion + the KS-practice questions + the mockl exam questions + understanding all the blue boxes should be enough to pass the exam.