EOC Questions Difficulty vs Real Exams

Does anyone know how the difficulty level of CFAI EOC questions is compared to that of the real exams? Or, for which topic areas, are the real exams more difficult than the EOC questions?

(I guess the same question could apply to CFA offical mocks and Schweser practice questions, etc. etc. If you have any knowledge on any of these, please also feel free to share!)


I’ve skimmed through some of the mocks, not actually taken them… From what I see in the CFAI mocks, they seem comparable to the EOCs. The schweser mocks seem marginally harder and way more verbose…

I found Schweser mocks somewhat helpful for L1, maybe not so much for L2 now then.

I asked the same question to L3 candidates. Some of them found EOC harder, but some found real exams harder. I guess we should probably focus more on the CFA mocks, which SHOULD be the closest to the real exams, I believe.

Anyone else have tried these and have any opinions?