EOC Questions v. Qbank?

How does the Qbank compare with the EOC questions for preparing for the exam? The Qbank seemed to work great for L1, and I found the EOC was ultimately more in depth than was needed. Does the vignette format for L2 more closely resemble the EOC q’s are is Qbank still good. I probably don’t have much time to go through a significant amount of both sources questions.

Seems like people like the EOC.

I would definitely do the EOC questions from the major sections like FSA and Equity. But takes a lot of time. you might skip the easy questions though.

If I were you, I would skim the reading material in Schweser and do all end of chapter Schwesers. Then after each chapter, read the EOC summary in the CFAI books and do only the multiple choice questions in the CFAI if there are any. I just did that strategy and was able to review all the material in about 14 days. Depending on how much time you have, you should be able to cover 2-3 study sessions per day.

I think that the EOC are important but the wordy ones are more of a time consumer than actual added value. If you are trying to make the best use of your time, I would do the EOC Qs that are problem and multiple choice types, avoid the long drawn out calcs as they will not be on the exam, and use q bank to keep all the main info fresh in your mind. I am doing at least 60 a day now until the test.

Yes if you are short of time dont do the ques in EOC which are long drawn calc types. however make sure you read the ques and the answers for the ones you skips since you are bound to find something you did not know :slight_smile:

I find Schweser and finquiz are great for memorizing concepts. After doing about 4000 I was able to get 80 on the morning and 90 on the afternoon mock exam. Everyone talks about vignettes. The vignettes that I have done are just drawn out simple questions. If you know the material you will know the right/wrong answer as soon as you see it in the vignette.