EOC questions vs. Schweser exams vs. CFAI mock vs. REAL EXAM = difficulty comparison?


If anybody has written the level 1 CFA, can you provide any feedback as to which practice exams actually reflect the difficulty of the real exam?

As in Scweser, EOC, CFAI mock

Thank you

Cfai mock is best representation of real exam. I found the 2012 mock harder than the actual exam but I guess it is better to be over prepared. Schweser is good but the exams are easier than cfai mock, eoc, and actual exam. I got between 75-85 on schweser practice exams, 69 on 2012 cfai mock and 70+ on actual.

Stop trying to speculate how hard the exam will be as CFAI could alway surprise u. To be well prepared do at least half of the qbank, CFAI EOC, schweser concept checkers, scheweser mocks, CFA official mock, and 2 sample exams on the CFA website. I did that and passed with flying colours and recommend u to do the same