EOC questions

Is anyone else getting killed on these? I started doing them last week and they have killed my confidence. Getting mid 80s qbank 86 and 83 on samples 78 on the mock and mid 70s on old exams. and I can’t get one of these f’n questions right on the EOC questions…

that’s what worries me… the eoc problems are brutal

I had that problem too. I think the EOCs are the toughest questions available, so good prep because everything seems mild in comparison. They’re a real time suck though. And is it just me or do the CFAI EOCs test topics (i.e. calculations) that are in the book but beyond the scope of the LOS? For example, the LOS will say “Discuss” but they have EOCs with detailed calculations on the topic.

I’ve already commented on the EOCs and stated that I’m abandoning them. At this point, it’s really much better for you to revisit as much of the curriculum as possible. EOCs go into too much detail. We don’t really have that much time left and I guarantee, if you spend too much time on any one topic, it will have to be at the sacrifice of others. If there’s a particular subject that’s killing you, by all means hit a few EOCs, but don’t lose sight of the fact that there are weights to particular subjects on the exam. Choose wisely.