EOC Questions

For retakers, did you do all of them or just the MC questions?

This retaker has seen the light and I will be doing all EOC questions (not just the vignette/mutiple choice questions). The EOC questions are very straightforward and not overly complicated (honestly). It is hard for me to describe but I give credit to CFAI institute for how they presented these EOC questions. There is sort of a repetitive build up process in doing these questions that I find very helpful and in my opinion are much more like the exam questions. I apologize if I sound redundant on this topic…but the agony of defeat still burns deep in ME and if I can save one young Padawan from my mistakes… then it is all worth the effort.

So how many times will you be doing the EOC queries this time? Is one pass good enough?

…as many time as needed. I usually check off those that I have mastered so I am not duplicating my effort. I also find myself making lots of footnotes this way too. I spend my weekdays and nights reading and weekends crunching the EOC questions for all the topics I covered and not just the prior week. I did find some chapters had more EOC questions than others but on average, I think most EOC take me 1-2 hours to go through (and I do not necessarily have to get them all right the first time). I do use the QBank on my lunch hour so I am not a complete hater of the Qbank (yet).

I’m still skeptical of doing all the EOC problems since some ask you to write out essays and such. Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

So far, I covered all the EOC questions for Equity, PM and Derivatitives and I have not crossed one essay question. You will have questions that will ask you to describe, explain or analyze something but the answer can usually summed up in a few words (not a paragraph). Also I think it is good practice reading the questions and trying to identify what is being asked because these type questions are more like the exam.

I am rolling the dice and only completing vignette style EOC CFAI questions… while completing all Stalla PassMaster multiple choice and item set questions. My ace in the hole (at least I hope), similar to level I, will be to complete the Stalla readings, lectures, and problems by mid April and spend the last few weeks of April and all of May completing/reviewing practice exams.