EOC Questions

I am getting my f***in teeth knocked in by these CFAI EOC questions. I am on my first pass through them and it’s a bumpy road to say the least. I am considering the puchase of QBANK to nail down the concepts. I am a retaker (Took it in 2009). Didn’t work the first time but I feel like I need to see more examples. That is all.

did you do the EOC last time you sat for the exam?

I think you shouldn’t leave the EOC aside, a lot of questions will be similar in nature. and the wording will be the same as the exam… I’ve done EOC once and am on my second pass now, in fact, I’ll do them a third time 3 weeks before the exam… I also failed in 09 and took '10 offf… let’s kill this beast…

wow, same here. failure in 09, and took 10 off. and EOC questions are a bummer! If i look at the solutions for them, they seem easy to solve. but when i read the questions and try to solve, often i am not even sure where to start. I list down the info in problems and after that I am clueless. lol. I am getting my f***in teeth knocked in by these CFAI EOC questions! word up

I hear ya Pepp. They take a very long time…I just puchased QBank and I think I am going to use both resources. There are many topics that the EOC questions do not cover… I can’t want for this month to be over.

ditto all of that. i do the EOC’s which are in the same format as the exam ie case study and 3 choices. i leave out questions thats arn,t in this format.