EOC question's

Some EOC questions are all multiple choice and some are written. Is it safe to assume that the chapters that have all multiple choice for questions are going to be tested as Multiple choice on exam day?

No, and this troubled me at one time as well. If you go through past essay exams, you’ll see how unpredictable things really are. The only thing you can be reasonably certain of is that IPS questions happen in the morning (since you have to actually write one or two). In general, the morning has less technical subjects that require a deeper, conceptual understanding. But, of course, this is CFAI and they can throw anything at you.

Focus on knowing how all the parts of the curicullum work together.

Hank is right. And the question brings up an even broader point: “is is safe to assume…” Probably not. In 2011 it was not safe to assume there was going to be a GIPS question. There was not one. Trying to game this exam is a losing proposition. By L3 even the %s assigned to each topic become completely vague. Officially there is no Economics. But there is clearly econ in the LOSs. Upshot: you have to learn the LOSs and worry less about “how” the question will be asked or if at all.