EOC questions

Hey Guys,

I am using Schweser to study for Level III.

My question might be stupid but where are the EOC questions in the CFA cirriculum?

Are they the practice problems at the end of each chapters in CFA ebooks?



EOC = end of chapter


Ok great! Thanks!

CFA ebook is the same as the CFA text that people refer to on this forum, right?


But between all the 6 ebooks of CFA institute, it is hardly 1000 pages. I have read previously on the forum that the CFA text is around 2000 pages.

Please advise!

Can someone pls reply to this?

Don’t want to miss out on something that’s key to the exams.


The #pages in the ebooks do not match the pages in the physical books.

Are EOC the same in physical and ebook or ebook has an abbreviated version of that too?

The ones in the ebook were written by ewoks and the ones in the phyical books were written by Bilbo Baggins, CFA.

Choose wisely.

is this an april fools day joke?

does anyone here have a pdf version of cfa curriculum?

NO! Do you not have the Vital Source software??? FYI, the EBooks are in a different format than the physical books. This is why the page numbers differ. They are the same text, blue box examples, and EOCs as the physical books, though.

Ok. I was worried. I do have the Vital Source software and did download the ebooks but I noticed that ebooks have a total of only 1000 pages as opposed to 2000 pages cfa text talked about on this forum.

So I thought ebooks are an abbreviated version of the cfa paper text and this was confirmed by Galli in the post above.

I have asked the CFA institute if the CFA ebooks and the text books are the same. Will let you know what they say.

^ You don’t have to let us know what they say… we already know the answer… we explained it to you above.