EOC vs Schweser

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  1. Is Schweser end of chapter questions easier than the CFAI EOC questions? If so, does Schweser still give a good indication of your score? I’m getting mid 80s on all Schweser end of chapter questions.

  2. Should i incorporate CFAI EOC throughout my studies, or should i save them for the end? what if i run out of EOC? this is because people say CFAI EOC are the most reflective of the exam

  3. Do they give you all the tables (z distribution student’s t, f, chai square, etc)

Thank you very much, appreciate it!!!

  1. Schweser’s questions are easier and they are not a good indication of your score.

  2. Yes, you should start working on CFAI EOC ASAP. When you run out of them, buy Elan’s PQs and do them.

  3. If on exam day any question requires a statistic table, then its excerpt would be provided along with the question.

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Not universally. There are certain values from the z-distribution – 68%, 90%, 95%, 99% – which you are expected to have memorized; they won’t give you a table for those values.

When I was working through Level I, I liked to begin with the Schweser “Concept Checkers” before moving on to the EOC questions. Sure they are easier, but if completed earnestly, they can help boost your understanding of the material and prepare you for the more difficult EOC questions.

Ah, yes. Thanks magician!

Funny, I find it’s the opposite. CFAI EOC (in most cases) are easier as they go and cover almost everything the given chapter will teach you and sometimes have multiple exercises for the same formula or concept.

As well the curriculum is much better (detailed explanations, good background not just throwing the concepts on you like Schweser) only Curriculum is extreeeemely loooong.