EOCs questions.

I am finding it difficult go through the EOCs questions as I have only the soft copy of the curriculum and its really frustrating to read the questions and scroll down to the answers again and again. I am looking out for some help to find a single file of all the EOCs in a printable format.

you can print out from vitalsource the specific pages (up to a max of 100 pages).

so you can say print me out pages 20-24 (EOC Reading 1) e.g. … and keep that with you to do the EOC questions. and check on the solutions as well.

if that helps.

This would consume a lot of my time to do so for each of the 32 readings

Use you browser to open 2 tabs one for questions one for answers and voila! Couldn’t be more convenient. Embrace the technology. Use your smartphone too.

opening 2 tabs would mean opening 2 online sessions, which the vitasource online system probably wont accept. If it doesnt indeed, best is to temporarily copy/paste into a word document.

What are you talking about? I do it every day.

this is a 1 time activity …

Ya just do it for the sake of passing I know it’s hard but a lot of us had to go through it!

or spend $150 and have the CFAI ship the actual books to you…

Have any one of u compiled all the reading’s EOCs in a single file ?


Sorry, probably got confused with another app…

Akash. Because it is time consuming, probably no-one has yet to compile ALL the readings EOCs. Maybe try and find other LIIIs and split the compilation process. Lets see, there are 32 readings, can divide the compilation job between 4 people and then share.

Count me in if u manage to find other 2 people!