Equity Concept testers

In regard to global industry analysis, they key elements relating to returns expectations are: a.) Demand b.) GDP c.) The Value Chain d.) a & C In regared to global industry analysis, how many elements are there related to risk? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 bonus: Name the elements related to risk

b) GDP d) 4 i think - political risk, event risk, inflation risk, currency risk

will give a couple more minutes for others to post and then will post the answers

Believe it’s the exact opposite for the first question… demand and value chain.

demand and value chain

i guessed for #1… i went with GDP because ‘value chain’ sounds industry specific and i figured it’s related to industry- and not global analysis a.k.a inspect projectedl GDP growth to find good candidates in a top-bottom analysis sigh :frowning:

GDP political risk, event risk, Business risk, currency risk?

The value chain and demand concept is one of those annoying items they highlight once in the text and seems to appear way too often in sample tests. GDP is indeed far more intuitive on a macro level…

#1.) D #2.) D bonus: Competition in markets, competition along the value chain, covernmental policies, market risk factors

is that part of the ‘global’ analysis? i was way off

I just got it from LOS 58b and LOS 58e no idea why its on a global basis, but thats what it says :S

ahh, i see it now, i was thinking country analysis