Equity EOC - Time Consuming

I am currently doing Equity EOC q’s and have been finding it time consuming especially the FCFF/FCFE calculation and I have already spent 3 hrs and still got 10 more questions to cover. Just want to understand if its just me and have to pick up the pace. Should I expect the same for other higher weighted EOC’s (FI, FRA, Ethics). I am doing the EOC q’s for first time and dint see similar issue in Quants, CF, PM. Thanks.

How long is taking you to answer each Equity question, on average?

The first few questions are not multiple choice. These ones take a really long time and are not representative of what you will see on the exam. However, they are really good practice. The multiple choice questions should not take you long however. Most can be done within 3-4 minutes, probably less.