Equity Epsilon Topic test - Question 2

I feel this has got to be wrong. Can somebody take a look at the 2nd question.

Active return = Ra = Sum (BETAportfolio - BETAbenchmark) * Fk + (alpha + e)

Question asks for the average monthly return of the Fraser Fund that is unexplained by rewarded factors.

They solve for (Alpha) but they don’t include any of the benchmark numbers. They solve using:

Alpha = Ra - Sum (BETAportfolio) * Fk

And that’s it. How can that be correct?


To further elaborate:

Why are we not using equation 2 from page 447 of the text?

The last (alpha + e) is the part of return not explained by rewarded factors (what this question is asking for).

I would have solved like this

(alpha + e) = Return unexplained by rewarded factors = Ra - SUM (BETAportfolio- BETAbenchmark ) * Fk

for this question this equals

= 55 - [(.91 - . 90 )*.61 + (.15 - ( -.27 ))*.17 + (.60 - .38) * .18 + ( .08 - .15 ) * .72]

The answer did NOT include any of the bolded numbers which are the beta of the benchmarks from equation 2 on page 447???

Why is that? I actually think this is incorrect on the topic test.

Thanks again

Anybody on this? People are asking on the CFA site as well and there’s no good answer. Thanks

Seems weird.

I suggest e-mailing CFA Institute (info@cfainstitute.org) and asking them.

Anybody has any input on this?