equity income?

equity income using equity method ,pro rata share on net income less dep on balance sheet is this the same # you increase income statement by?

“pro rata share on net income less dep” I think that you meant dividends and not depreciation. Also, it’s the pure pro rata share of net income that goes on the income statement; i.e., it’s not reduced by dividends as it is for the balance sheet. Good luck on Saturday.

the investment changes by pro rata"equity income"less pro rata dividends

page 120 book 2

The “investment” as you call it is what is reflected on the balance sheet, as I stated. You were asking about the income statement, and the dividends are excluded from this.

they use the term equity income on bs ;begg invest equity income less dividends is ending investment balance

Okay, I’m officially giving up on this thread. Did I not answer your question twice already? Not trying to be a dick, but where’s the confusion?