Equity Multiplier v Asset Multiplier

I have been studing for Jun08 exam, using CFAI text and Schweser QBank. There appears to be a difference in terms used for Dupont. CFAI uses the term “Leverage” for Total Avg Assets / Total Avg Equity Schweser I think uses “Equity Multiplier” for the same calc - though I have also seen the term “Asset Multiplier” used as well. Are there any Schweser users out there that can help me understand definitionally, the difference between Equity Multiplier and Asset Multiplier? Thank You

I never came across the Asset Multiplier though it might be just a difference in wording. Conventionally it’s the Equity Mltpl. Don’t pay too much attention, it’s minor anyway

If you have Schweser QBank, check out question # 2748 - choice B versus choice D

can you post the question? I don’t have an access to qb now

__ Search Results for: Question ID#:2748 : 1 Results When the return on equity equation (ROE) is decomposed using the original DuPont system, what three ratios comprise the components of ROE? A) Net profit margin, asset turnover, equity multiplier. B) Gross profit margin, asset turnover, equity multiplier. C) Net profit margin, asset turnover, asset multiplier. D) Net profit margin, inventory turnover, equity multiplier. The correct answer was A. The three ratios can be further decomposed as follows: Net profit margin = net income/sales Asset turnover = sales/assets Equity multiplier = assets/equity

Thanks - so is the Asset Multiplier used in choice C just a misnomer used to throw the candidate off? If so, well played…