Equity Research Associates: How many firms did you interview with before you landed your job?

Hey all, been lurking since I was a wee Level 1er.

Just entered overdrive for Level 3 while at the same time networking and job hunting. I managed to get three interviews and just got the call this afternoon that I didn’t make the cut after three rounds of interviews with one of the firms. That’s the second I’ve been rejected from. I’m hoping the last one pans out but I’m not holding my breath.

Now, I’m not anywhere close to giving up and given the competition for equity research jobs I’m actually pretty happy to have gotten the chance to interview at all. I’m not trying to bitch by posting this. But with the stress of the exam coming up and waiting anxiously for weeks to hear back about jobs (and then getting let down), I’m just kind of worn out.

Did it take any of you a ton of interviews before you got the gig? Any other inspirational equity research break-in stories to share? Any relief for the acute flaccidity I’m experiencing this afternoon would be much appreciated.

It’s not really fair to describe it like this. If the right opportunity comes around and you impress them, then that’s it. It may be your first firm to interview with, it may be your 20th.

…or it may never be.

The AF crowd is such an uppity group. We should have them man the suicide prevention hotlines in overpopulated countries.

AFer on line to despondent client: "Hey, don’t you think you’d be remembered longer if you took out the rest of your family before going? Just sayin’ "

Best post I’ve seen in a while.