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I am interested in equity research career i like analysing stocks etc. however i am sceptical about the working hours (since i have some health issues so don’t want to work and work for like more then 12-13 hours ) in india and how often one have to travel ? so i doubt whether to go ahead with equity research or not.

are the working hours too long ? longer then 12hours ? Investment banking hours are horrible and it is too stressful.

also what are the key differences between buy side and sell side? is sell side that worst ?

i’ll be glad if you help me out with your advice


If you have problems working more than 12 hours, forget about equity research or investment banking. or heck, even accounting. or most areas of finance that is client facing.

Try operations, or HR

12 hours a week?

A day.

Lol my commute alone is more than 20 hrs a week.

so equity research is same like investment banking considering the working hours?

I was actually looking for advice from someone in india.


and yes its 12hours a day. well you can’t have a job with 12hrs a week

working hours depends on the company you join but as far as travelling is concerned, its minimal for equity research.

I suggest reading the articles in my signature. They will answer many of your questions.

purely it depends on the company u work for …In India equity research has no time of working even when u come home u have to think about it and plan for the next day opening. calls from the client (mostly in the evening when u r in home). It depends on how u love the job.

That’s terrible. I spend probably 2-3 hours a week driving to/from work.

12 hours = 4-5 hours of actual work, remaining hours divided between candy crush, long coffee breaks and other equally important activities

Here, I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you spend your entire career in equity research you’re the exception, not the rule.

4 hours per day? WTF?

Well I work weekends too so it’s a little under 4 hours a day. A little under 2 hours each way (it does become 2 hours with 6pm traffic).

I thought it might be a negligible factor, but I am so exhausted after three weeks I seriously cannot function. I’m moving in a few weeks.

I knew a guy who commuted 2 hours each way. It was bec he wanted to have a farm with animals, but still wanted to work in finance in NYC.

I’m used to long commutes, even as a kid I used to commute >1 hr to get to school. It was before smartphones so I developed my people watching habit early in life. By the way my commute is all public transit haha I am a bad driver a responsible global citizen reducing my carbon footprint.

And then one guy I interviewed with in NY said he commuted from Conneticut. I live in the west coast where “travelling across state line” means a road trip (unless you live in Vancouver or something), but still, sounds intense. He said something similar, not farm animals, but that he valued the quality of life or something.

How does he have time to tend to farm animals? Hired help? My parents have chickens/geese and they never take holidays or even stay out late.

I’m guessing so, can’t image his family does everything

Also kiss your vacations goodbye, press releases won’t wait for you to get back from Mexico!

thanks numi

read the articles very informative.