Equity Research Info

I’m interested in learning a little bit more about this field and was wondering if someone who currently works as an ER analyst would be willing to chat with me offline. My email is peter.w.rossetti@gmail.com. Thanks.

http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?1,665865 Might be good to post in this thread and target the folks there.

Hi prossetti, If you could keep me in the loop too, I had a couple of questions for ‘that’ prospect helper regarding the ER roles the industry seeks and how I could tweak my Resume and fine-tune it to get the right ER-role. After all someone needs to take care of the frictional unemployment in united states :slight_smile: My email dinesh.sundrani@gmail.com

Haha sure thing man.

I would like some pointers too. I spoke with an ER a few weeks ago and his suggestion was to write my own research reports to show employers.

Pete, it really depends on the sector you’re interested in. IT or what? What exactly do you want to know? Hit me up on FB or smth.